Almond Roca

Grandma Hazel's — June 22, 2020

9 steps 4 ingredients about 1 hour
1 Melt
Over medium-high heat.
Butter, Salted
227g 31.4%
2 Toffee
Add sugar. Stir constantly. Mixture will come together, looking like snot. Then it will bubble. Then it may separate. Then it will smoke and look like separated peanut butter. Then it will lightly smoke. Then it will come together and look like smooth runny peanut butter.
8 minutes
201g 27.8%
3 Remove from Heat
4 Mix
Add almonds to toffee.
110g 15.2%
5 Spread
Pour mixture onto sheet pan to cool. Use back of a spoon to spread out mixture evenly.
6 Top
Lay chocolate onto roca. Let chocolate melt for about a minute. Use back of a spoon to spread chocolate evenly.
Milk Chocolate
Hershey's works best because it has soy lecithin in it which helps it set nicely. Fancier chocolates without soy lecithin can be used but will set softer.
129g 17.9%
7 Top
Sprinkle almonds onto chocolate.
55g 7.6%
8 Cool
Let sit at room temperature until chocolate sets and toffee cools.
If cooled too quickly (in refrigerator) toffee and chocolate will not bond properly and will separate when cracking roca into pieces.
about 1 hour
9 Portion
Use butter knife to crack roca into bit size pieces.